Mother of All Secrets Photos
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I had a couple of photos from Mother of All Secrets (possibly now Maternal Secrets) One Behind the scenes photo and a new poster that Kate shared on her instagram the other day. According to that poster there is a chance that the movie title has been changed. Though I haven’t seen any other note of the change elsewhere yet.

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2017: Mother of All Secrets: : Posters
2017: Mother of All Secrets: : Behind the Scenes/ On Set

Here’s another look at the trailer in case you want another look at what the movie is about! Hopefully we’ll have an airdate soon.

Gallery: Photoshoots
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Today I have added a handful of new photoshoot images to our gallery. Some are from older shoots but some are new. Enjoy!

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Photoshoots: Session 014
Photoshoots: Session 022
Photoshoots: Session 032
Photoshoots: Session 057
Photoshoots: Session 060
Photoshoots: Session 065
Photoshoots: Session 069
Photoshoots: Session 070
Photoshoots: Session 071

Bottle Girl: On Set / Behind the Scenes Photos
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Recently Kate spent some time filming a new project titled Bottle Girl While not a lot of information is known right now on the film we do know that Kate’s character name is Zoe. We also know according to IMBD it’s considered to be a thriller. As soon as I have anymore information I will pass it along. I do have a handful of images from the filming though that have been posted on social media that I have added to our gallery.

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[2017] Bottle Girl: Behind the Scenes / On Set

Welcome to the Full Launch of Kate Mansi Web!
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Welcome to the new full fan site here at Kate Mansi Web! I’ve had a lot of a fun building a gallery for you Kate fans over the last few  years and finally decided that I want to take the time to make this into a full fan site for Kate full of  more information  and other media and things along with the gallery. It  is still very  very much  still a work in progress as I have a lot I want to do but  haven’t gotten a chance to  get up yet.  Please keep checking back for  updates and  to keep up with all the latest news with Kate. I would like to thank  Jess for the beautiful layout  here  and in the gallery.  If you’re not already please follow  us on twitter.